Our studio provides architectural services to meet a variety of client and project needs.  We pride ourselves at tackling large-scaled projects with a creative passion and professional rigor.  For clients without prior experience working with an architect, here is how professional services are provided:


This phase determines what the goals are for the project.  A written Program document is drafted that lists your needs and desires.  An Imagery Scrapbook of photographs from magazines can be helpful for you to communicate your aesthetic preferences.  Online photo accounts on Houzz.com or Pinterest.com can also be used.  We provide a
Lifestyle Questionnaire that helps to summarize who you are, how you live and what you value.  This is where you would also list your budget and calendar schedule.  If your project includes remodeling an existing home, creating or finding As-built Plans of your current home gives us a graphic basis to begin our work.  Our studio will do preliminary Code research for your building type and location to understand what municipal constraints we might have.


This phase is exciting!  Our studio, based on the information we've collected in Pre-Design will start to develop several alternative schemes to accomplish our goals.  We will explore how your needs and desires can be interpreted into a healthy, efficient and enjoyable home.  We will present our schemes in a series of client meetings to gather essential feedback from you during this phase.  Our schemes will incorporate ideas for construction methods, materials, building systems and aesthetic concerns.  Your regular feedback at these meetings is essential to the success of the project.  We then begin to alter, combine and develop a scheme that best fits your needs.   Once our overall scheme is established, we then get schematic pricing from one or more contractors to confirm that our budget goal is met.


Design Development is used to select actual materials, finishes, systems and equipment. Components like roofing, siding, windows, doors, lighting and finishes are chosen. Custom designed items such as cabinetry,  woodwork, and finishes are developed.  Heating & cooling systems, air quality, security, audio/visual systems are selected during this phase.  All these items are collected in a Specifications document that is part of your building set.  Your schematic design plans are developed into construction documents that have 2 important functions.  Your construction documents are used to show your local municipality what we're planning to do so they may issue a building permit.  They are also used it ensure that the home we envision is the same one your contractor promises to build.


This is when we select our contractor and establish your construction contract.  Often clients appreciate an advocate during this phase.  We provide guidance that includes what type of contract is appropriate, how the construction schedule is organized and what construction payment process should be used.  This clarifies what role each of us has during construction.


Actual construction begins!  During this time we will visit the site on a regular basis to  answer questions that arise and to ensure that our design remains intact throughout the building period.  Regular reports are issued that keep our clients abreast of progress.  Construction progress is monitored to assure that contractor-requested payments are appropriate.  We also evaluate proposed changes in the project's cost, schedule and scope that occur during construction.  Lastly, we establish a Final Punchlist so that our clients are confident all work is completed and our contractor can get done efficiently.


Often times, a project mandates additional services to provide a holistic solution to meet specific goals.  In particular, for residential clients interior design services can bring the work to complete fruition.  Our studio can provide furniture specifications, art selection and services.  Our custom designs for furnishings, lighting and products can also provide a level of detail that is often times appreciated.